Hello, I would like to share the effects and feelings of two of our new patients at PINS who just  started their BioCel therapy the last few weeks.

Patent 1, a medical doctor, Dr E. A. was diagnosed with various growths in his prostate, affecting his spine and recently in a test in Singapore, a module was found in his lungs.  He has had radiation therapy in the past and was advised to go through chemotherapy immediately.

He decided to stop all the drugs and go natural.  We accompanied him to Dr. Wilson Gan on October 15,2015 and since we have previously suggested BioCel therapy to him, we had all his medical files already reviewed by Dr. Gan.  Our patient could not walk alone, had a cane and a caregiver to help him, had no energy, and looked so frail. After filling up all necessary forms, he was given his first BioCel IV injection and within just 2 minutes, he stood up alone, was amazed he could do this now, then started to move around the room which he did two times, but was asked to not get too excited and to let the therapy work.  He sat down, then started flexing his fingers which he says now have feeling when before it was numb.  After just a few minutes, a started to cough and he was so amazed that this cough had no accompanying pain and weight on his chest.  He was so happy that he felt immediate improvements. We left the clinic with him walking alone and with a certain spark in his eyes revealing the miraculous change in his condition.

Upon arriving home, he slept so soundly all afternoon and night.  His body needed to rest and recuperate.  He just got his second BioCel injection  yesterday and he has said that he now has so much more energy, sleeps so soundly and feels more optimistic. We are sure he is on the road to full recovery despite of the dire prognosis given to him.


Patient 2, a lawyer Mr. VCA, has been a diabetic with insulin injections for many years now and also had high blood pressure maintenance pills. He had his fisrt BioCel injection on October 2, 2015.  His first noticeable effect is that he did not go to the bathroom 6x on that first evening but just 2x and was able to sleep soundly after each trip to the bathroom, when before it took him a long time to sleep between trips to the loo. He also noticed that his urine was really odorous as if he was eliminating a lot of toxins.  He also noticed that his psoriasis has dried up, less itchy and was disappearing, resulting to smoother skin.  His blood sugar went down and he had to reduce his insulin injection by at least 3 points in just one BIOCel injection. He also had so much more energy, that before,  when he was too weak and tired when he reaches the tenth hole in his golf games, he now feels so energetic even after the 18th hole and best of all, his game has improved a lot.

His wife says that now he does not snore as loud and he looks younger, clearer facial skin, and has a clearer mind.  But best of all he has lost the "old age irritable syndrome" All in just two injections.  He is now on his fourth injection and feels on top of the world.


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