Mr. D. S., 68 years old was suffering from a detached retina and prostate cancer.  Within 2 months of BioCel therapy, his eyesight was normalized and his cancer was in remission within 6 months. He continues to enjoy good health; his skin is smooth and almost free of wrinkles for a gentleman of 72 years.

Dra. S. S., 58 years old was wheel chair bound and was in and out of the hospital every two months for various ailments.  Within her first injection she started standing and walking alone and was without pain.  She has stayed strong and healthy and has been admitted to the hospital only once in four years. All her pain in the knees have disappeared. With her good health, she and her husband have been able to continue their travels abroad.

Arch. B. A., 52 years old was diagnosed with colon cancer. He sought the treatment of Dr.  Wilson Gan and within 4 months he was in complete remission and has remained cancer free up to this day

Ms. R. had breast cancer that has spread to the bones.  Her treatment was done ten years ago and is still cancer free up to this date, proving it was a real cure.

Mr. G. 64 years old and a German national was suffering with Multiple Scleroses for five years prior to his treatment with BioCel. He was able to walk and stand right after his first injection, in fact he started dancing.  He is completely well and has returned to Germany.  He is still doing well up to this time.

Ms. C. F., 36 years old, came to Dr. Gan for treatment due to a detached retina.  Her case was the first successful therapy for the healing of a detached retina.

Mrs. G. B. 72 years old was in the ICU and was suffering from serious heart problems. After two months of therapy, she was able to hurdle all her heart conditions and in fact she started menstruating again.  Even her reproductive system was regenerated.

Mr. R. E, 52 years old from the USA was suffering from end stage renal failure.  He came over to the Philippines and checked in a hospital and was treated with BioCel therapy while doing his dialysis treatments.  Upon arrival, he was eliminating just one teaspoon of urine, but he was eliminating 1.5 litters of urine within one month of therapy.  He has drastically reduced his dialysis treatments and hopes to wean out of it within a few weeks. His medical doctor from the USA was so amazed with his recovery and wanted to train under Dr. Gan.

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