Mr. B. Z., 59 year old Filipino was devastated by an un-expected heart condition that rendered his future hopeless eight years ago. He had two medical opinions that stated he required immediate bypass surgery as all six of his arteries were 90% blocked. Rather than go through the surgery he could not afford he opted to consult with Dr.Wilson Gan for the BIOCEL therapy.

 Mr. Z stated that he felt immediate relief with the first injection and was able to breathe better. Within just two months’ time he stated that further testing showed 70% less blockage in the arteries. Within four months he was totally cured. He did not use Western Medicine medications at all. Today, he enjoys a full and robust life more active than most at his 59 years. When asked if there were any side effects he blushed and said yes; his libido was returned to his youthful prime. He  presented himself as a healthy, happy man with the youthful appearance of a man in his early 40s. He was effusive in his praise for BIOCEL Therapy and Dr. Gan who he said treated him like family.

Attorney S. D. sought treatment for his beloved but aging mother who was in a coma. He was referred to Dr. Wilson Gan who consulted with her attending doctors and  the hospital and got approval for the  administration of the  BIOCEL Therapy. Atty. San Diego’s mother regained consciousness within minutes after the injection. While the patient is still bed ridden she has her full mental prowess and all bodily functions that had begun to shut down. She is able to carry on a conversation and respond to questions as long as they are posed in a “yes” or “no” form. Atty. San Diego is grateful for the opportunity to have found Dr. Gan that ushered in a treatment that gave him an engaging relationship with his mom again for the past 18 months wiping away the pain of seeing her in a coma.

Mr. R. C. P. of  Marilao Bulacan was diagnosed with Liver cirrhosis in 2011 and he opted for BIOCEL therapy in 2012. He did not suffer any allergic reactions from his BIOCEL therapy  and he supplemented this with silimarin extract and vitamins, plus a change in lifestyle with total abstinence from alcohol.

Citi scan before BIOCEL procedure: Liver Cirrhotic

Citi Scan during BIOCEL procedure: Non cirrhotic liver

Today, its 2015 and Mr. P choose to receive a maintenance dose of BIOCEL regularly in order to give his body a steady dose of this fountain of youth.

Mr. N E of Brgy. Conception Marikina CIty
Age:60 years old

Case: Heart attack
Initial complain: Difficulty o breathing, nausea, blurring of vision, delirium

History: In 2005-Mr. E did a lot of heavy work one whole day and  he suddenly felt faint, had difficulty in breathing, nausea and blurring of vision. His wife initally used the electric fan to cool him and  removed  the tip of the nebulizer, placed in his mouth to help him breathe. He did not improve and they soon decided to bring him to the hospital and  where he was diagnosed with heart problem. The staff of the small hospital suggested that he be transferred to a bigger hospital. His blood  pressure continued to be unstable and he became delirius.  He had to undergo angioplasty on his right thigh and during the procedure his  heart rate became very abnormal and erratic that  he underwent cardiopulmonary  resuscitation 8 times. He survived this challenge in 2005. 

However, in 2008, one Sunday morning  Mr. E was watching television and he suddenly felt numbness on his face and too much blinking of his eyes. He knew that he had the beginnings of another heart attack.  He called Dr. Wilson Gan who asked him to go to his clinic immediately. Dr. Gan observed his behavior and diagnosed his symptoms and immediately gave him  10 cc of his special BIOCEL formula on his right arm and on his buttocks and in just two minutes, he became stable. After that incident  Mr. E has not encountered  any similar episode until now. He does the  BIOCEL procedure for maintenance.  

He is so happy and healthy now with his therapy with Dr. Gan. He was  taking different kinds of medications worth almost a thousand a day in the past, and he has been able to remove all medications and is now very strong and energetic. He can still lift heavy objects and Dr. Gan says he is officially stable and has a very healthy new heart now.

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