The BioCel anti-aging process is absolutely amazing and continues to transform me in ways I could have never expected when I started this journey. I am continually amazed every day to wake up and see and feel dramatic changes in my face, skin and body. I am experiencing a total body improvement daily. People that don’t see me for a few weeks or a month are always astonished at how much younger I look at each visit.

Previously, I had many molds under my breasts from lack of oxygen when I had a 78” bust line. Of course I was 170 pounds heavier then. However, the molds have dramatically shrunk now, have lightened in color by at least 70% and are nearly invisible. I expect they will be gone someday…..remember, another great benefit several months ago was doc shrunk my breast size with BioCel…..the new sizes is much more comfortable, now.

My eyes continue to get better and better and I have not worn my glasses for many months….I do not wear reading glasses at all and my distance vision continues to improve. I continue to have great energy and stamina regardless of my activities and do very difficult cardio workouts 5-7 days a week.  I do make an effort to get 8-10 hours of sleep because I understand my body is working hard to repair itself. I have no difficulty sleeping.

I have consumed a few drinks of alcohol throughout the process but never more than one or two glasses of wine a month and no hard liquor. I have had no drugs other than herbal supplements and only aspirin on rare occasion. Although I did do a regime of antibiotics for an allergic reaction to shellfish. I continue to use supplements to aid the stem cells with colostrum, liquid oxygen and turmeric capsules.

Some of the unexpected results of using stem cells are feeling an incredible sense of well-being, and being deliriously happy in a body that is functioning properly.  Emotionally and spiritually I feel like I am making up for poor choices over the course of the past few decades with a more youthful and healthy appearance as well as extended mortality; an opportunity to do those legacy building activities for humanity I wasn’t healthy enough to do before….it’s a miracle.

I have a DO OVER card with no expiration date. I’m making different choices being good to myself and doing humanitarian work.  It is also very comforting to know I have minimized health problems and degenerative diseases for my senior years. Sure, my body will eventual die but it will have taken me on an incredible adventure with an amazing quality of life. I expect that the future of healthcare will be quite different because of stem cells; a time when true healing rather than greed will be the primary part of the equation.

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