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What is BioCel?

BioCel treatment is a patented revolutionary intravenous injection that implants  patented bio cellular nutrients that  introduces energy to the immune system initiating a unique process of cell regeneration.  This process leads to the repair of damaged cells, tissues and organs resulting in a new rejuvenated individual.

BioCel is a unique formulation from several patented formulas of Dr. Wilson Q. Gan.  He has developed and tested in the past ten years a procedure that ensures the quick regeneration and rejuvenation of cells, tissues and organs of the body.  BioCel is void of side effects and has proven to be most effective in both simple beautification for delayed aging and rejuvenation as well as the treatment of major ailments like the following:

  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Brain Hemorrahage and Stroke
  • Cord injury and Paraplegia
  • Quadriplegia
  • Arterial Hypertension
  • Comatose
  • Crohn's Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Anemia
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Autism
  • Parkinson's Disease
  • Alzheimer's Disease
  • Motor Neuron disease
  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • Liver Diseases
  • Optic Neuritis, Emphysema
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Cerebellar Ataxia and many others.

How long does the whole process take?

For DISEASE Reversal: 40  weekly injections over 6 to 8 months

For BEAUTIFICATION:   20  weekly injections over a span of 2 to 4 months

Is there a faster way?

Yes, there is the Fast Tract method where some patinets may want to expedite treatment particularly those from overseas engaged in our Philippine Medical Tourism Program. While there are no known side effects of the BioCel serum Dr. Gan will observe the patient’s preliminary reaction to injections. If the patient is eligible for increased dosage per week the patient’s prescription or injection rate can be increased to the maximum of double dose injections two times per week; the equivalent of four (4) injections of BioCel per week. This procedure is called compressing and is a safe and effective way to administer the serum for optimum results. The doctor will closely observe the patient’s progress and make a determination when they can return to their home safely with the balance of their serum for future injection. Overseas patients may only be required to be in the Philippines for 3-4 weeks to obtain the 4 month treatment regime by using compressed administration.

Patients leaving PH may continue their course of treatment at home or reserve the remaining serum for periodic maintenance. The shelf life of BioCel is 12 months or one year. The beautification program is 20 injections and the disease remission program provides a total of 30 injections plus 10 maintenance dose injections. 


How long before there are results?

The BioCel begin to work immediately upon injection in the body. Many people see immediate pleasant results that may emerge as a shift of energy into a positive state of mind, clouds or fog lifting from brain, or a more vibrant skin tone, etc. Everyone is different with nuances in their metabolic rates making the experience unique to each individual. The speed is healing is different in everyone and the cleaner and toxin free the body is, the faster the appearance of the desired effect of the BioCel therapy.  We need to work with our own body, cleanse it from chemical toxins and feed it right, so the therapy will work fast and efficient.

How much younger will I be and do my organs grow younger as well?

During both the Beautification Program and the Disease Eradication Program, BioCel go where the repair work is needed. If the patient does not have a chronic or life threatening disease the cells go to work to revitalize various tissues and organs,  improve skin tone and reduce wrinkles. If the patient has a chronic or life-threatening disease the treatment focuses on the repair work needed to correct the illness or physical challenge. The body has an innate inteligence that knows what to do when it is given the opportunity to heal itself.  We call this the vital force of an individual.

When doing anti-aging BioCel Therapy, even a 90 year old can be revitalized to have the mental alertness and physical stamina of a 70 year old. For those patients in their 60's or 70's they could see the youthful appearance of being 20-25 years younger after the treatment.

Are there any diet / medication or other restrictions before I can start treatment?

You will begin a detoxification regime on the same day as your first injection, if not before. Organic herbal supplements will be provided for you. The detox regime is custom blended and labeled by the Philippines Institute of Naturopathic Sciences (PINS) under the label Organix.  Please eat a clean diet void of processed and fast foods as well as junk foods. BioCel will work faster and more  efficiently if they do not have to wade through sugar, raw meat, chemicals and alcohol or recreational drugs which are all considered prohibited.  Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverage is best avoided but if you must smoke and drink, you must avoid both 6 hours before and 6 hours after an injection.   Remember that both habits greatly reduce the effectivity of BioCel.

Can I do my normal exercise routine during my Treatment?

You may continue any exercise you have done regularly for the past year while engaging in the Beautification Treatment regime. However, if you did not exercise before and are enrolled in the Combatting Disease BioCel Therapy Program it is important that you are judicious even though you may have new found energy. Take the time to let your body heal from disease before adding a workout regime and always get your physicians approval first.

What are the possible side effects?

There are no known harmful side effects from BioCel Therapy in the many years it has been used by the numerous patients of Dr. Gan.  BIOCEL are made from cells that are from the purest form of rudimentary cells plus all the nutrients that it needs to rejuvenate the human body.

What is the protocol for injections?

Injections are simple intermuscular or interveinious depending on the intended medical purpose. Skilled nurses or Dr. Gan will inject the BIOCEL patented formula. For most people the procedure is painless. For others with a fear of needles there is a minor discomfort with the insertion of the needle.   Sterile procedures are strictly followed and needles are new and sterile for every patient and every injection.

How will I feel after an injection?

The results of the injection may vary depending on the program you are on; fighting disease or beautification. For Combatting Disease the patient may experience immediate reduction of symptoms such as swelling, infection, aches, and pains, have a better respiratory rate or even awaken from a coma. While engaging in the Beautification Program some patients are highly energized and feel as though organs and specific body systems have awoken for the first time. This could also be accompanied by sleeplessness. However, some people experience a nice balance of energy and the ability to sleep like a baby. It is possible your appetite may be stimulated due to the increase in metabolic rate leading to rapid cell multiplication. Take care not to over eat and choose good nutrition to compliment the miracle occurring in your body.

What if I am going to be out of town or overseas and miss an injection(s)?

Please inform your healthcare provider with as much advance notice as possible if you need to travel. Some options will be provided for you so you do not miss any treatments. Please be mindful that your treatment regime to (1) combat disease, or for (2) beautification is contractually time limited. Therefore, it is in your best interest to ensure you do not miss any treatments. That being said you may be a candidate to take injections with you for self-administration and/or the doctor may inject you with multiple doses before your travel date. Please contact your health care provider a minimum of two (2) weeks in advance of your travel plans so you can try increased doses under physician supervision. BE MINDFUL that your BioCel serum is formulated uniquely for you so the  advance two week notice is necessary to accommodate all patient requests and extra time required in the laboratory to formulate your custom crafted serum.

Will Dr. Gan provide hospital-based services?

Dr. Gan has medical privileges in a number of hospitals. Please contact him for emergency services. The fees for emergency services varies and may be inclusive of:

·         meeting with the current primary care doctor,

·         emergency consultation and assessment, and

·         prognosis and treatment plan.

If the patient or caregiver signs a Consent for Treatment with Dr. Gan for BioCel Therapy an injection may be given immediately with proof of ability to pay.

Will I get sick or harm the results if my treatment is unexpectedly interrupted?

We prefer a continuous therapy in order to get the expected results.  However, an interruption will not harm the healing progress of the patients but may delay the desired results. Patients get well and have the greatest chance of full recovery with BIOCEL Therapy. There are no harsh or strong chemicals or pharmaceutical drugs used.  Please note we do have options for patients that are frequent travelers and/or for the unexpected travel obligation. To take advantage of these options advance notification of 2 weeks is generally required. See question regarding travel for more information.

Do I need my family doctor’s permission or must I bring a medical history to the appointment.

It is your choice to ask or not to ask your doctors permission.  This is a revolutionary patented process and is not known by other health practitioners.  It is safe and with proven no adverse side effects.  However, the Consent for Treatment Form requires that you provide:

·         a list of medications,

·         chief complaints,

·         recent blood test results, and

·         medical history

Please note that one does not have to stop any current medical treatment to begin the BioCel Therapy.  This therapy works well with any medical intervention since it is completely natural and works as agent for improving the immune system of the body.  For instance a cancer patient may choose to add BioCel Therapy during or before the conclusion of a chemo regime.

Is it economical?

Yes definitely if you look at your health as the most precious thing on earth.  You may have all the money in the world and we all know that you can not buy good health with just money alone

 Preventative health care has been the buzz word of the past several decades. Now with BioCel Therapy, prevention takes on whole new meaning as individuals can regenerate organs and anatomic systems to the cellular level. Unfortunately, the cost of health care or trauma intervention can bankrupt and ruin retirement plans when unexpected illness and emergency care is needed. Think prevention and think BioCel Therapy!

The matrix below shows how the preventative aspects of BioCel makes good financial sense while improving the integrity and strength of your body to repair and prevent disease. If you are considering BioCel for disease treatment the only known side effect is that it has an anti-aging quality. HOW FABULOUS IS THAT! So while your dollars are being invested in disease remission or prevention, over the long term you will omit the cost of expensive spa treatments and anti-aging programs, too. BioCel will regenerate the human body holistically across every anatomical system helping to ensure your golden years are those that dreams and fairy tales are made of; enjoying and loving life with youthful radiance steeped in good health. Most of us would pay any amount of money when we are suffering and don’t feel well or the diagnosis is a mystery.  Being proactive with BioCel will ensure you have optimal health and wellbeing for the rest of your days to seek more adventure; more love; more dreams and live more fully.

Contrast that scenario with hesitating to act now. If you hold off on investing in your health care now and wait until you need the Emergency Department of the local hospital there is no guarantee that you will survive your illness or that your other organs have sufficient resilience to aid in your recovery. Treatment will most likely be VERY expensive; quite possibly with a long recovery and life-long disability that may have been entirely preventable. You can hedge your bet or health investment by insuring you obtain the best health possible entering your senior years. You will note below why the $25,000 -$ 35,000 USD is a good investment to avoid unnecessary future pain and suffering as well as a catastrophic drain on your retirement nest egg.

 Our patient N.I. whose picture you will see on the web under the article titled “Come Grow Young with Me” states that she spent nearly $18,000 USD for a face lift 3 years ago. You can see in her photos that only six (6) injections of BioCel has renewed her in a way that the face lift never did. Before the face lift she spent Php 1 million + on anti-aging supplements and programs that did NOTHING by comparison to the regeneration on a cellular level possible through BioCel Therapy.

Go to  the compartive costs section  that will show you the various costs of some major surgeries/ traumas and compare this with the investment you will make on yourself 

Can I receive BIOCEL Therapy in the USA or other countries?

Dr. Gan is the world’s leading researcher and physician who hold many patents for the most effective and the very unique Regenerative Bio- Cellular treatment. As of this time we have not partnered with other doctors or medical facilities to make this treatment available in other countries. If you would like to travel to the Philippines for treatment please read the information under FAQ: Medical Tourism. Learn how our staff can assist you in making very comfortable and convenient temporary living arrangements nearby in a modern walkable community so you may obtain this cutting-edge medical service that will dramatically change your life! You may Google Eastwood City, Quezon, Philippines for more information about the area, spaces to lease, malls, restaurants and entertainment.


I am from another country, how do i remit my payment.

Please send all payments to:

COMPANY:          PINS, INC.

ADDRESS:            2 Oleta Homes; 51 Firefly Street

                              Valley Verde #6, Ugong, Pasig City, PH

BANK:                  Banco de Oro

ADDRESS:            Pasig Branch

                              G/F SM Hypermarket


                              Frontera Verde, Ortigas Center

                              Pasig City, Philippines

ACCOUNT #:       001438005530



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