Progress in medicine has grown in leaps and bounds, however, current evidence-based and palliative treatments are increasingly unable to keep pace with patients' needs; particularly because many cultures, including the Philippines, are experiencing a high number of "baby boomers"  who are accomplished and in need of effective methods to keep them healthy. There are few effective ways to treat the root causes of many diseases, injuries and congenital conditions in the allopathic world. In many cases, clinicians can only manage patients' symptoms using medications or devices with an array of potential side effects. In Naturopathy when the healing power of nature is harnessed, overwhelming success stories give testimony to the simple fact that when the body is given the opportunity to heal itself with natural and nontoxic methods, miracles occur.

Regenerative Medicine is a game-changing area of medicine with the potential to fully heal damaged tissues and organs, offering solutions and hope for people who have conditions that are beyond repair with conventional medical treatment. Regeneration of anatomic systems and organs involves delivering specific types of human cells or cell products to the body through injections whereby the cells will ultimately restore tissue and organ function. This can be done through cell-based therapy or by using cell products, such as growth factors. 

PINS Well-Being Center is blessed to have Dr. Wilson Gan as Medical Director; an international expert with medical training in the Philippines, USA and China where he specialized in biomolecular healing. Dr. Gan has patented seven successful clinical formulas that help cells regenerate resulting in reversal of many types of diseases as evidenced by the testimonials of his patients.

 Regenerative Medicine holds the promise of definitive, affordable health care solutions that heal the body from within with BioCel Therapy. 

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