Natural Nutrition Counseling

One of our principal goals is to make our patients and clients realize that the quality of the food eaten affects the degree of well being experienced. It is easy to comprehend that artificially created food, food that we call "junk food" or food grown under sub-optimal conditions, cannot contribute the ingredients necessary to perfect health. Only natural, wholesome foods can produce the degree of health that brings peace of mind and enjoyment of life. In this modern world of ours, constant vigilance is needed as to what we choose to eat and drink and in fact even think.

Natural nutrients are best described if they have these following properties:

Alive, meaning that it still contains all the original live food enzymes naturally occurring in the fruit, vegetables, sprouts or other foods eaten in its raw form.

Natural, as in unprocessed, unrefined foods, such as whole grains and legumes.

Good Quality, meaning grown in soil rich in essential nutrients including those trace minerals which are so lacking in our modern food, such as organically grown foods which are pesticide free and grown without synthetic fertilizers.

These four simple but meaningful words: live, natural, good quality, can serve as a guide to everyone wishing to improve his health. Awareness and understanding of the simplicity of our natural needs and immediate action will inevitably lead to individual and collective good health.

We need to learn to look at natural nutrition not just as a means to stop our diseases, but as a tool to improve our own immunity to all the toxins around us and the achievement of overall good health.

As more and more consumers demand high quality food that we are entitled to, this will soon force food manufacturers and suppliers to provide it. We are thankful that we now have a steady supply of organically grown vegetables available in our supermarkets and more and more varieties are being added each day.

We will then see a significant move towards the prevention of disease starting with a most important requisite: natural nutrition.

PINS Well-Being  Center educates the patients to gradually change to a better diet to reach optimal health.

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