Organix, through its dedicated natural health visionary, Elizabeth A. Micaller ND, PhD, CCII, CNP made Iridollogy a by-word in the Philippines since 1988. Organix is now considered as the foremost center that uses the latest methods of reading the iris or colored portion of the eye as an analytical tool to help determine nervous energy deficiencies and pinpoint the patient's health risks.

Dr. Micaller is a Certified Iridollogy Instructor of the United States based, International Iridollogy Practitioners Association (IIPA), a certifying body for Iridologists worldwide. Iridollogy classes leading to certification are conducted regularly through the education arm of the company, Philippine Institute of Naturopathic Sciences (PINS)

What is Iridollogy?

Briefly, Iridollogy is the study of the iris or the colored portion of the eye, Its overall appearance, plus specific fiber arrangement and pigment details, revealing a persons genetic predisposition and an incredible amount of important information about you in a non invasive manner.

Iridollogy is the science and art of reading the color, structure and pigments in the iris of the eye as they relate thru the reflex response to genetic strengths and weaknesses in the body.

From its unique point of view, the eye, particularly the iris reveals a magnificent story of one's body. The iris is one of the most complex tissue structures of the body that faces the outside world. There are over 28,000 individual nerve fibers in the iris that are connected to all the other body organs of the body. The iris objectively can reveal to us the early signs of the body's potential imbalances which we have inherited from our parents, grandparents and the many generations before them.

Knowing the important information that the iris reveals leads us to understand the uniqueness of every person and the different approaches of healing and preventive medicine that one can choose in order to stay well physically, emotionally and spiritually. Iridollogy can help recognize the cause and possible cause of a particular condition long before it can manifest as a disease by looking into the human constitution and the genetically established organ disposition as shown in the iris.

Iridollogy is the only tool that can indicate genetic deficiencies in the body making it an excellent analytical tool to help prevent possible health problems in the future.

You are responsible for your health and Iridollogy is one tool which you can use to know how strong or deficient your body organs are. Diseases are developed through time. The earlier you know your health status through Iridollogy, the earlier you can start the specific programs or treatments you may have to take.

Through the years more information has been read in the eyes and now we have the Rayid method that reads the personality, behavior and psychological makeup of a person from the eyes, we have Emotional Iridollogy, that defines the emotions involved depending on the various body organs, Time Risk locating emotional or physical traumas and when they occurred and giving therapies to release them on the cellular level. Another advancement is Chromoreflexology, the science that uses a colored laser light in the iris and pupil to stimulate healing in various organs and systems. The science that reads and interprets the lines in the sclera (or the white of the eye) called Sclerology, also has been developing and is now an adjunct tool with Iridollogy. Together, the two sciences can give a complete reading of both the potential body organ deficiencies of a person and the current physical problems he may be suffering from at the moment.

How an Iridollogy reading can benefit you.

Can you imagine knowing what your inherited strengths and weaknesses are, what chromic disease might be more likely to impact our health, and how your emotional nature can influence this?

The iris acts as the body's blueprint. By understanding it, you have an empowering road map towards optimal health and well being.

Have you ever asked yourself why some people live longer than others? Why some people can abuse their bodies more than the rest? Why some people easily get sick and others do not? Physicians seek answers to these questions daily yet many reasons continue to elude them. Wouldn't you like to understand your health picture better? Let Iridollogy and your interntioanlly Certified Iridologists help you.

If you have current health challenges, iris analysis can target contributors to these problems. Once identified, corrective measures can be employed, providing you with an opportunity to get better faster. Because the iris can also reveal the potential for future health risks, preventive measures can be effectively applied to reduce these risks.

We at the PINS Well-Being Center use this unique analytical too to help your path to optimal health.

Why Study Iridollogy the PINS/IIPA way?

IIPA or the International Iridollogy Practitioners Association has a three level course that teaches Comprehensive Iridollogy and focuses on the more advanced European Model which has been scientifically researched for more than a hundred years now.

Clinical evidence via x-rays, ultra sound, autopsy analysis and other scientific methods, verify the basic tenets of Iridollogy and its widely used in Europe as an adjunct tool of analysis for medical doctors and other health care practitioners. Level three required the completion of Anatomy and Physiology course from an accredited school

IIPA through its only Certified Instructor in the Philippines, Dr. Elizabeth A Micaller, PhD, ND, CCII, NMD has been mandated to help clarify the role of Iridollogy in the health care industry in the Philippines, and diffuse the information that Comprehensive Iridollogy as it is taught by IIPA is not disease oriented but is a science to show genetic predispositions.

Accurate Iridollogy as taught by IIPA is an assessment tool that assists the practitioners in understanding the inherited tendencies a person is born with physically and emotionally. It helps us to understand why two people can follow the same diet, exercise program etc.. and one will do much better than the other. It allows us to understand the ways we have handled stresses in our lives and even what drives us to do what we do. it shows us where our genetically weak and strong parts of the body are. In fact, the eye even shows us where we can have problems in the future if we do not make the needed changes in our lives in areas such as diet, exercise, stress management, work conditions and more.

An IIPA's Certrified Iridologist can help design an improvement program for your specific needs based on what your predispositions are. IIPA through its international Certificate Courses aim to remove the fake untrained iridologists that have proliferated the country and act our as medical practitioners. it sets a very high standard and only recipients of this certificate are internationally recognized to practice this science.

Complete Iridollogy analysis can be availed of in the center for all who wish to learn their inherent or genetic deficiencies in nervous energy.

You too can enroll and learn how to read the iris of the eye.  Check our the course schedules at pins88.org or call 0917-847-1949 for more information.

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