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It is said that 70% of disease may be preventable. This is a big statement and if we can share to many how this can be done with preventive health care, we would drastically reduce our health cots.

The simple elimination of tobacco products and adoption of more prudent diets could have a major impact on cancer and on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases; regular exercise reduces the risk of osteoporosis and muscular wasting; and many more unintentional injuries are preventable too.

Preventive health care is also done by allopathic doctors.  In fact theyhave three levels of preventive care.  These are: Clinical preventive health care may be primary (lifestyle counselling and immunisations), secondary (early detection of subclinical disease by screening or case finding to prevent disability), or tertiary (minimising disability and handicap from established disease). 

Naturopathic health care is focused on lifestyle changes and natural diet options, removal of roxic chemicals in food and environment plus many more.


"The superior physician helps before the early budding of disease"-Huang Ti 

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