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All effort has been exerted into the making of the PINS TOTAL Detox Program and effective tool to achieve its goal of cleaning the colon of toxic material encrusted there for many years.

A short Introduction to your PINS Total Detox Program

A story that has been circulating around after John Wayne's death from Cancer that at his autopsy they removed about 35 pounds of impacted fecal matter from his colon. It is hard to know and prove if this is urban legend or fact. However, if this was true you can certainly understand how this waste matter could have adversely affected his health.

How much undigested food and waste material is being held in your own colon?

When we think of cleansing we have to keep in mind that the body has five channels of elimination. Just like you would clean your entire house you should also undertake a regimen of cleansing all of your channels of elimination. These channels are the lungs, lymphatic system, skin, colon and kidneys. A cleanse which focuses on only one of the channels of elimination is just like deciding that you are only going to clean the kitchen in your house.


A constipated colon is one in which the transit time of food is more than 24 hours. Transit time is the length of time it takes for food to enter the mouth and exit the rectum. The basic principle of good digestive health is that you should put food in and within 24 hours undigested food must come out as waste.

The naturopathic perspective is that the longer the transit time of food, the longer these toxins stay in our digestive tract which permits proteins to putrefy, fats to get rancid, and carbohydrates to ferment, all causing health problems over a certain span of time.

Regardless how you look at it this cannot be healthy for your body. The longer your body is exposed to these toxins in your intestines, the greater the risk of developing disease.

Stop and think about this.
If you have only one bowel movement per day, you will have all the debris of the other meals that you ate over the last 24 hours putrefying in your intestines. This is called auto-intoxification. It is poisoning from within- The inability to purge toxins from our systems.
What we all need to understand is that the reason why constipation is dangerous to our health is that our bodies are designed to absorb whatever is in the digestive tract. If you put good healthy nutrition there the body will absorb it. Likewise, if you put putrefying, toxic waste there the body will absorb that as well, it does not have a choice.

The Colon

The colon is the last six feet of the digestive tract. It is a hollow tube like organ made up of muscle structure that moves digestive food and waste along by a wavelike motion known as peristalsis. The primary function of the colon is to absorb water, electrolytes and some vitamins, as well as, preparing and storing fecal waste prior to elimination. If bowel movements are not regular, our health is compromised. Good health is as much a function of our elimination status as the quality of the food we eat.

The statistics available are those of the United States and we do not have any available for Philippine conditions. Consider that 400-600 million dollars are spent annually on laxatives in the United States. Every year 126,000 Americans are diagnosed as having colorectal cancer. Of this population, 44% will die as a result of the disease. At least two million Americans suffer from colitis, ileitis, diverticulitis and 100,000 Americans have a colostomy each year. Periodic cleansing of the colon could prevent stagnation and minimize the exposure to potential cancer causing agents to the colon wall.


Laxatives are the method of colon cleansing that is most popularly used today. They are considered to be an irritant and stimulant to the body. They simply draw water from the body and produce a thin watery substance that clears only the most recently digested waste from the colon leaving behind bad eating habits, and accumulated toxins and mucus in the small intestines, stomach, and colon. They certainly don't promote bowel health. Enemas are fine to clean out the lower part of the rectum and colon, but miss about four feet of colon. Colonics are a welcome treat too when you wish to clean out the colon but it can not be done regularly and comes with a steep price per session, plus it will not be able to remove the mucoid plaque that is the main problem we have in the colon.

"The total mucosal surface area of the adult human GI tract is up to 300 square meters making it the largest body area interacting with the environment. This makes the gastrointestinal tract the largest lymphoid or immune organ in the human body. It has been estimated that there are approximately 10 10 (power of 10) immunoglobulin producing cells per meter of small bowel - accounting for approximately 80% of all immunoglobulin producing cells in the body." (Shanahan, F, "The intestinal immune system" in Physiology of the gastrointestinal tract, 3rd edition, 1994, ed. Johnson, LR)

Scientific studies are coming out now that show that over 50% of our immune system is in our colon. If this is true, a clean, a well functioning colon is imperative to good health. It is my understanding that our diets have evolved in ways that our digestive tracks have not. And then, there are all of the toxins that we are exposed to, diesel fumes all over the streets plus all the pesticides in our food. One way to tell if you have a really toxic colon is to look at your belly. Is it drooping over your pants from an enlarged liver or accumulated toxicity?

People think they've gotten fat, but the colon and small intestines stretch from all the accumulating matter in there. Many people lose a part of this belly after cleansing.

What Is Mucoid Plaque and why is it Created?

"Mucoid plaque is primarily composed of glycoproteins called mucin. More specifically, mucin contains more than 50% carbohydrates and more than 20 amino acids. Mucin is associated with normal epithelium as well as with carcinomas of the lung, breast, ovary, and gastrointestinal tract. Other ingredients include water, electrolytes, sloughed off epithelial cells, bacteria and bacterial by-products, digested food (fecal matter), plasma proteins, bile salts, pancreatic enzymes and most all other constituents normally found in the intestinal juice. Mucoid plaque is created by the body to protect itself when it is under attack by acids, or toxic compounds such as drugs (esp. aspirin and alcohol), salt, heavy metals, toxic chemicals, antigen antibody complexes, microbial activity, the toxins produced by incomplete digestion and absorption of carbohydrates. And all of these substances have been found in mucoid plaque. After a meal, the body naturally attempts to digest and assimilate food.

"However, mucoid plaque may inhibit this process. The body will attempt to assimilate anything in the bowel, even mucoid plaque. When the body attempts to absorb food but there is only mucoid plaque, which acts as a barrier to the food, then mucoid plaque and whatever elements it contains are likely to enter the bloodstream. Therefore, it stands to reason that, if we have contaminated mucoid plaque in our bowels, our blood will be toxic as well.
A coated colon with mucoid plaque - notice how the blood vessels are covered up.
Blood vessels of this healthy colon.

"Mucoid plaque found in the bowel is not equivalent to the natural healthy gastric and intestinal mucosa. Doctors, when viewing the inside of the intestines, believe that they are seeing the normal mucosa, when they are actually seeing mucoid plaque.

In summary, mucoid plaque is a layer or layers of adhesive, hardened mucus lining the inner walls of the digestive tract. It can be from less that one-eighth of an inch to several inches thick. It is usually compacted with old fecal matter, bound up toxic waste, 'bad' bacteria, and/or parasites.

"Research indicates that in fact it would be very rare to see normal mucosa because the layer or layers of mucoid plaque that cover the entire intestinal tract are so common. The natural mucosa is beneath the glycocalyz and is meant to serve as the necessary buffer for the gastrointestinal wall and as a lubricant for peristalsis-but cannot when it is covered by mucoid plaque. Hence, mucoid plaque is usually associated with some degree of constipation as well as various other bowel irritations and problems. Many doctors who are unaware of mucoid plaque believe that the mucoid plaque is the normal mucosa. This is not true."


A generally accepted benefit of colon cleansing is based on the theory that the hardened mucus that is lining the intestinal wall greatly reduces one's ability to absorb nutrition. Because you are not able to absorb proper nutrition this feeds the cycle of craving more food and stronger flavors. When in fact what your body really wants is better nutrition. Unless this cycle is broken, no amount of will power will successfully change one's dietary habits in the long run.

((Reprinted with permission. Richard Anderson, N.D., N.M.D., Cleanse and Purify Thyself. Triumph, 1998. (Sources Include: J. Holland, R. Bast, Jr., D. Morton, E. Freil Ill, D. Kute, R. Weichselbaum, Cancer Medicine, Volume 1, 4th Edition, Baltimore, M.D:Williams&Wilkins, 1997, pg. 228 and A. Allen, et al., "Studies on Gastrointestinal Mucus," Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology, Supplements. 1984; 93, pg. 101-103 and Lawrence Stolberg, et. al., "D-Lactic Acidosis Due to Abnormal Gut Flora," New England Journal of Medicine, 1982; vol. 306, #22, pg. 1344-1347.)).

After removing this intestinal build-up, it has been observed that people feel the body has returned to a more natural state. It has also been observed that people have much greater discernment of how foods actually affect them. This opens the possibility to fully appreciate the "true taste" of foods. At this point, people have found they can easily make dietary changes and really feel (and taste!) the difference!

Other benefits that have been reported include deep emotional catharsis leading to an amazing clarity. One theory on this says that emotions can become trapped along with the intestinal debris and when they are released one may relive old emotional experiences leading to a great freedom of internal energy.

Again, thankfully, reversing these conditions only takes a small fraction of the time it took to create them. Fasting is a powerful and effective way to eliminate toxins from the cells, bloodstream and every organ in your body. You will strengthen your Immune System, sharpen your mental clarity, have improved skin tone, sleep better, and have improved energy, vitality and sense of well being. Cleansing will also remove pollutants that make you sluggish and tired, reduce water retention, bloating and constipation. Aches and pains will be relieved. You will lose or gain weight; whichever is best for you. You will be able to live life to the fullest with love, passion, health, happiness and wellbeing!!!

Remember this:
A toxic body will crave toxic food.
A healthy body will crave healthy food.

Removing Mucoid Plaque

After years of bad eating habits, it is usual to build up mucoid plaque* on the walls of our intestines. This plaque greatly lowers our ability to absorb nutrition and makes our bodies very toxic.

Mucoid Plaque can look long, rope like twists, and rubbery...or mussy, with an indescribable smell. It is dark, almost black and not a pleasant sight. It comes in different forms and it really follows the shape of your colon. In fact by looking at what comes off you when you do the Total Detox, you will get an idea of the shape of your colon,

Mucoid plaque is really a protective mechanism of the body and is created to protect itself from acids and toxic compounds such as drugs (especially aspirin and alcohol), iodized salt, toxic heavy metals, all types of toxic chemicals, antigen antibody complexes, microbial activity, and the toxins produced by incomplete digestion and absorption of proteins and carbohydrates. Mucoid plaque is associated with carcinomas of the lung, breast, ovary, and gastrointestinal tract. If you have mucoid plaque in your bowels, your body cannot function properly; coffee enemas and colonics will not be effective; optimal healing cannot occur.

These photos are actual pieces of mucoid plaque that have come out following the ultimate PINS Total Detox option. Generally they can vary in length anywhere from a few inches to, amazingly, over three or four feet. They are thick and rubbery in texture and hard to break apart. They are very gross and it is best out of us than inside us. No two people are the same and so some will release only a little of this rubbery stuff but will eliminate a lot of soft mucosy stuff. If this is the case with you, do not feel sad or cheated, whatever comes out during this fast is what is meant to be released and you can do another fast to remove any rubbery material inside you after a month or two.

The PINS TOTAL Detox program removes plaque by utilizing a combination of very important combination formulas. One combination is Absolute Cleanse, Colon Conditioner, and White Oak Bark, which will insure that your digestive system is active and moving well. The second is our Gentle Colon Rejuvenating Cleansing Shake, which is a proprietary powder combination that, when mixed with liquid swells and becomes extremely absorptive, drawing the plaque to itself and carrying it out of your intestinal system. The addition of the latest in cellular nutrition, Masterzyme in our Colon Rejuv Building pack together with Flaxseed Oil, Buffered Vitamin C, Klamath Blue Green Algae, Life Source Plus, our high potency multi vitamin, and our Colon Rehab Formula will ensure the success of this Detox program which has been formulated to simultaneously improve the immune system.
No other known Detox program includes this complete view in their therapy.


By making the decision to follow the recommendations of this Detox program, you are exercising your right to take control of your own health. However, the information in this guide should not be used as the basis for treating a particular symptom or disease, or to replace any treatment that you are currently undergoing. All guidelines for the use of the PINS Detox Program or any of the individual formulations presented in this guide are for Educational purposes only. If you have a serious health problem or have questions, you should always consult with your health care professional.

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