The Philippine Institute of Naturopathic Sciences (PINS) is located within 3 km of Eastwood, Quezon City, Philippines. Modestly priced short-term furnished rentals are available in this tourist friendly walking community. PINS can provide information for those that seek temporary housing for the duration of medical treatment in the Philippines.

Most Filipino’s are fluent in English making the integration into community life a smooth transition. The condominiums in Eastwood City circle a four story mall, grocery store and hardware as well as hundreds of stores & restaurants. It is a very convenient walking city occupied by local television celebrities, retirees, Filipino families and many foreigners. It is well guarded by armed security making it a very safe community where art fairs and community activities can be fully enjoyed.

PINS is a short distance from Eastwood and taxi’s are easy to hail for your weekly BIOCEL  treatments. Prices are reasonable in the area with furnished studio’s renting for an average of $400 monthly. One and two bedroom apartments run on average of $500-$700 USD. You are sure to enjoy your stay while becoming the optimal version of yourself growing more healthy and younger with each treatment!

Please read the Q and A section under Regenerative Medicine to know more about our BioCel Therapy.

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PINS Well-Being Center  is a Naturopathic clinic dedicated to optimal healthy living and is committed to providing you with the finest quality in urgent, wellness,  preventative and regenerative healthcare.

We offer several healthy living services from experts in the natural healing world  and they will  focus on helping you feel and function better, now and in the future.

We work with you to find and correct the underlying causes of your health issues and empower you to manage your health so you can enjoy long term benefits.

We are dedicated to helping as many people as possible attain optimal health and well-being in body, mind and spirit.



1st - 2nd injection - pain in the knee disappeared, balance improved, can walk faster and was able to
dance a bit.

3rd - 4th remarkable increase in energy, feels upbeat and positive, was confident enough to drive.
enjoys longer walks ,interest in watching home movies has returned (eyesight improving)

5th - blood sugar significantly going down, from +- 140 down to 117 and down to as low as 98 and
97 resonance imaging from independent doctor showed: pancreas and liver function
improved by 70 and 79% immune system by 54% right carotid and right kidney deteriorated
compared to last findings before biocel but l carotid and l kidney overcompensated
experiencing short interrupted sleep, feels very wide awake and suffers from sleep
deprivation during the day.

6th- sleep improving although still intermittent, he enjoys quality sleep. He has noticed hair

7th - at this point he says that he feels generally good, with improved bowel movement but would
welcome more frequency, not just once a day.

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